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With legal cases, stress is almost always a huge part of it for clients.  I work hard to stay in communication with you so that you don't have added stress in your life.  Adulting is hard - I work to make it easier for you.  From representation with DUI's to working with your family to draft wills and custody agreements, I work hard to make adulting easier for you.    

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Adulting is Hard 

Kim Haney Law Office works to make it easier

What is important to you?  Tell Kim Haney Law Office, because we listen.  We are here to help you protect your family, your freedom, and your money.  

Kim's practice areas:  Family, Custody, Criminal, DUI, Divorce, Wills, Senior Rights, Mediation, Adoptions, Pre-Marriage and Pre-Divorce Consultations and more.  Kim Haney Law Office works hard to be the only law office you will ever need.     

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How Kim Can Help you - 

10 Steps to Help You Win Your Case 

How you could benefit from Pre-Marriage Consultations

Make a Will to protect your family

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