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Litigation and Mediation

Family First

At Kim Haney Law Office we believe that family comes first.  If you are adopting (Internationally, domestic, step-parent, representing adopting families and birth families) or in a custody battle, having an attorney who understands the law that affects your case is important.  

Not only do we understand, but we care.  Kim Haney has adopted three children and is an advocate for adoption and for responsible parenting.  

Our office is available to represent your family, you, or your child in a court battle or in mediation.


Kim has the experience to review documents that you are considering signing in both adoption cases and divorce - custody matters.   Kim Haney Law Office is available online (no office visit necessary, or via phone, or in person as your needs require.  

Give Kim Haney Law Office a call and talk with an experienced and caring attorney. 

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