COVID - 19 (Coronavirus) and Your Rights

As we enter quarantine, social distancing, and a time of fear and uncertainty,  you may be asking what are your rights.  Kim Haney Law Office understands and we are willing to advise you or to fight to protect your rights.   

Areas we are skilled in assisting people just like you  that may be of issue with COVID -19 are:  

Child support


Your job & Pay

Educational Rights for your children

Protecting your health & children's health

Protecting an elderly parents health

What are your rights with Private Schools? 

Homeschooling Questions?

Our office is working remotely for most things, but we are still here to provide you with the same great service that you expect.  You can email, call, text, or visit us online with skype if you are not wishing to come into the office.  


We are here to help you!  228-342-8222 or email


We are also there to help if you are seeking:  

Adoption Attorney

Divorce Attorney (A divorce lawyer near me (you))




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